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Liluy Nishamas Reuven ben Ezra

Liluy Nishamas Tzvi Menachem Ben Shimayohu

Chaya Leah Bas Naftoli Hertzka 

start BEing THANKFUL to hashem for everything & watch great happy changes

in your life. see the beauty of Hashem's world and see many yeshuos,

see miracles

a huge thank u 2.jpg
a huge thank u 2.jpg

Thank you hashem for my difficulties and for what i am going through. they are gifts and kisses from You hashem. you know what you are doing and i'm in the best hands.

be grateful

Thank you hashem, I can hear, i can see, i can walk, i can talk.

                                       wow! i am blessed

the more we thank Hashem the more blessings He will show us.

Learn how to-and work on it

Divrei Chizuk 100% Guarantees Happiness and living b'simcha by finding Hashem in your life.

-See miracles-

and seeing his involvement in your life 24/7.

We do this  by working on ourselves.

We do this by being grateful and thankful

to hashem,having emunah(faith)

I heard a beautiful shiur from Rav Arush about how all problems come from complaining feeling depressed, feeling down, crying for nothing. How Bnei Yisrael complaining and crying in the Midbar is the tikun we have to fix. How one has to thank Hashem for everything He does for us. Then he spoke how people had problems (all kinds) and tried to just focus on thanking Hashem for 2 weeks and saw such help from above. Problems were solved, and wonderful things were happening.

As we are working on ourselves on saying THANK YOU to Hashem.

Here is a another thing I heard from the shiur. When one thanks Hashem all the windows in Hashem's palace are opened and Hashem pours down on that person yeshuos, Hashem tells the melachaim send that person more and more,without the person even having to ask for it. But when a person cries for nothing is misyaesh, feeling down, complaining, not happy, all the windows in Hashem's palace are closed. Not one tfilah is able to enter & that is what brings all the problems. Just keep thanking Hashem and all tfilos are able to enter.!!!!


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The greatest Segula is when a person humbles himself to Hashem and recognizes that He is kind and He's constantly bestowing blessing upon him. Thanking Hashem is the doorway to salvation. Thanking Hashem is the way to increase happiness.

It is a way to see many Yeshuos and miracles in your life.

The ZOHAR says that anyone who learns to thank the Creator  properly,

merits the Creator does his will. 


Say THANK YOU and see Miracles-

Garden of Gratitude

-Rav Shalom Arush-

These Books

will change and save your life.

Change your life around-see miracles

Start by thanking Hashem and having Gratitude



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