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start saying thank you & have gratitude and you will see Bracha vhatzlacha beh

My Bracha to you: If you will start thanking Hashem and understand that it all comes from Him no matter how your business is doing or what you are going through. You will see much yeshuos BEH. If you will thank Him (listing all blessings in your life) and even say thank You for what your going through (yesurim) you will be opening Hashem's gates in His Holy palace so all chasadim can come down to you where you don't even have to pray for it.

Opening the gates in Hashem’s palace, seeing His chasadim: By telling Him

Hashem I’m nullifying my will to Your will.

I Understand that You are in charge, not me/us and this is all You.

This is all good because You only do good and what I'm going through is all good even if I don't understand it. Thank You for everything I have, listing what blessings you have in Your life. By thanking Him it is lighting another light in emunah. He will show you the way and great things.

You can now advertise your business with us. If your business makes money please make a heartfelt donation (see below) to help us help others. Please click on picture and support our sponsors. Tizku Lmitzvos. Say to Hashem "Please Hashem help me with my business as I am thanking You for all chasadim in my life. Open the gates for me in Your Holy Palace so Your chasadim can reach me.Please give me the zechus to help Your children in the zechus that I am finding my way back to You. Thank You for showing me the way.

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