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#1-Clothes for Children

Liluy Nishmas-Reuven ben Ezra

Liluy Nishmas-Chaim Shmuel ben Yeshayahu 

Liuly Nishmas Mintza bas R'Shimshon Mordechai HaLevi  

Thank you so much for your taking part in this mitzvah may it be a big zechus for you that Hashem answer your bakashos l'tov AMEN!!!

We are aware of a number of children who do not have Shabbos or Yom Tov clothes, due to their financial situation from various schools in the Queens/Brooklyn area.  We send a teacher out with these students (individually) in a discreet manner to a store that is working with us.This avoids any embarrassment or discomfort to the student. BE"H this year we plan to reach more children in more schools. To dress a child from head to toe is $150 dollars

If you would like to participate in this mitzvah, please make your check out to Divrei Chizuk, and mark "Children's Fund" in the memo section of the check. Then mail it to Divrei Chizuk 83-21 125th st. Kew Gardens NY 11415.

We plan to be going before the chag IY"H.

Please also include what you would like this to be for eg. Liuly nishmas some one or for a refuah, yeshua, bracha, any bakasha and as we are doing the mitzvah we will be mentioning names, and any malachim that  are created for this particular mitzvah we are asking Hashem to send to that person for their bakasha L'tov

Tizku L'mitzvos BE"H you will be notified after the mitzvah has been done.

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Host a Divrei Chizuk Thank You Hashem event:

Melaveh Malka with inspirational spinging,

Thank You Hashem BBQ,

Speaking Engagements, At home or hall, stadium, coloseum.

Challah Workshop by CNM

Hospital visits,

Home visits,

Plus much more.

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