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Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael

Everything you are about to read or see on this blog is all made possible by Hashem blessed be His Great and Holy Name that is for ever and ever. I am truly humbled, and it is a big zechus for me to share with you what chizuk does. I pray to Hashem that this site helps one get chizuk & get closer to Hashem and see real change/miracles in your life as I have seen. Be happy put your trust in Him, start saying thank You to Hashem good or bad and always know He is there no matter what. Hashem loves each and everyone of us more than we can understand.

If you have questions about life. If you want to really understand life. If you are lost and can't find your way home, back to Hashem. If you can't sleep at night or wake up during the night because you are worried, scared, depressed. If you are tired or your feeling alone. If you are going through hard times. Then ask Hashem to help you, say to Hashem, "please Hashem help me" learn to say thank You tell Him that you want to walk in this world with Him, you want to trust in Him and only in Him, and that you want to get closer to Him.

Never stop looking for Hashem. One must know that everything that you have comes from Hashem, and that it is only Hashem that can help us. We must turn to Hashem for help. Remember Hashem can do anything just call out to Him.

One can also join the daily divrei chizuk just click on join our mailing list below. One can also call to get chizuk at any time, at 347-846-8085 it will either be answered or a recorded divrei chizuk will be heard,or you can leave a message. Please don't be afraid to speak all calls are confidential; you don't even have to give your name. Just listen to chizuk and see what it does. Chizuk events will be posted on the site, and will IY"H be taken place at different locations. As of now we have a divrei chizuk center located in kew garden hills where we will be holding some events, and if one would like you can call for a one on one to learn what chizuk can do for you. Nothing will be shared ever with anyone. All this was made possible by Hashem and only Hashem.

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